Enjoying on a yacht, touring and sightseeing of Montenegrin coast from the open sea is one of the most popular activities among our guests. During the summer months, enjoying at the sea will be an unforgettable experience if you give your trust to experienced captains who will take you sailing along the magical Adriatic.

To see more detailed offer of the vessels, please visit the websites of our partners who are the members of the same corporate group: https://www.adriaticproperties.me/ and https://www.adriaticproperties.me/adriatic-yachting/

In case that you don’t find relaxing on a yacht with the sound of splashing waves  attractive and exciting enough, you can try these adrenaline pumping water activities: jet ski and parasailing.

Montenegro offers numerous activities, both at the sea and in the mountains, so we also provide adventures such as a jeep tour through the mountainous region or rafting down the rapids of the Tara River. All you have to do is pick an adventure of your choice and let us make it a unique experience.

The helicopter tour is a touristic sightseeing tour which provides the opportunity to see Montenegro from the air. If you fancy seeing our country from a different perspective, this is the best and most attractive option.


Not having an activity on offer does not mean we cannot make it happen.